Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moved to another Machine. Again...

My Macbook Air's HD crashed leaving me with not a lot except for the sources which I saved just in time. Instead of building an SSD into the Air, one of the finest laptops I ever had except for overheating, I bought a Macbook Pro Aluminium.

I now own: an Asus S5000 (battery dead), a Dell latitude D420 (battery dead), a Dell XPS (fails to load the battery), a Macbook Air (HD crash), a Macbook Pro Aluminium.

I installed Fedora Core 12, which is almost running smoothly (no key backlights, no sound) in about a day. It took some time for it to boot nicely from the Unix partition after the pre-install. I got the feeling it found the bootloader correctly, but subsequently failed to find the linux partition, not sure what was up with that. The HD uses a weird double partitioning scheme which seems to mess up the bootloader. Refit also seems to have some small bug in it, it stalls sometime on reboot. I use a Mobile Broadband dongle which only works when I first boot into MacOs, so there seems to be something fishy with NetworkManager's initialization scripts. Anyway, guess I'll just wait for that and applesmc to be updated.

The Macbook Pro is a fine machine, but somewhat too sturdy if you're used to an Air. Hope it ain't gonna develop problems again, it might be that Fedora doesn't handle Apple's hardware well...

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