Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Log 123009

Various issues: Alpha conversion now in place, trivial. Linker bugs, or rather, failures to provide good errors, when not supplying all the object files. (I use a transform to bind to definitions. If an actual is defined, it becomes a call, otherwise, it becomes a name. I.e. supply the wrong set of modules, and I generate open LC terms.)

It probably wasn't even a substitution bug, but, I feel a lot more comfortable with alpha conversion in place.

First syntax change I'll make when ready: add 'fi.' Just read up on some Ada, I am convinced.

123009: Two flaws: 1) Flattening selects/methods may have an arity bug - not sure. 2) Processing applications to thunks has a bug - confirmed. It's almost the same bug...
123009: Stuck. Did I now do the exception handling wrong... or not?
123009: It's something else...
123009: Looking at the wrong places. Select is ok, exception is ok, it's just the thunk bug - missing 'apply' remove.

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