Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Log 061615

I implemented the module system. It starts of with one parsed top module top, and in one pass eagerly depth-first adds the list of included modules m0, .., mN, top through a closure construction. Semantic analysis is implemented by creating the complete context of declaration first, then doing various passes modulo that complete context. The modules keep track of their state, so at some point I could implement reusing pre-compiled modules.

Other variations could be to build up the context of declarations in left-to-right order during semantic analysis, or to use a cyclic graph representing the inclusion path and include only the local context.

It don't think the other variations are worth it. The left-to-right order is problematic with mutually recursive modules, the cyclic graph doesn't detect name clashes which could occur during linking easily. Moreover, the presented simple manner could allow for concurrent semantic analysis.

But yeah. There's a worst-case scenario that you'll do semantic analysis on a ten-line m0 file in a context of a million declarations.

Life is never easy. Guess as long it is documented, it's fine.

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