Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Functional Programming Matters

Short story.

When I was doing my master studies we were introduced to, I think, Miranda. One of the firsts home-work assignments was to write an interpreter which I had to deliver with a friend.

I had an Atari, with a PC emulation chip, but the emulation wasn't very good, and didn't work on all programs. Anyway, it didn't accept the environment given. So I ended up coding about a two hundred lines out of my head at home.

Next day, we had to give in the assignment. As usual, I was late, so with a floppy with source code and about a minute left, I met with my friend. He said to forget about it, drop the assignment and go to class.

I logged in on a Sun workstation, uploaded the source code, and ran it. It worked flawlessly.

That's why functional programming matters.

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