Monday, January 4, 2010


Added an entry to the language 'ParaSail,' which does a lot the same, and also a lot different. The type system is in essence the same, it defines regions, it uses an older syntax closer to the Algol, Modula, Pascal, Ada tradition. Whereas Hi is to Haskell as what Javascript is to C, it seems to pitch itself as a beefed up parallel Ada.

When it comes to multicore, it makes a number of decisions, I would do a lot different. It seems to aim at fine grained parallelism. Essentially, the road I am planning to take is: since all parallelism implies overhead, don't do it, and go for coarse grained parallelism.

It has a different string type, which Ocaml has for performance, and Lisp had for the same reason, and subsequently abandoned. (Lisp is fast on lists/list processing functions, and sharing is easier on series of chars than parts of strings - there was no performance gain.)

Yeah, MacOS or FreeBSD, definitely.

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