Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I mean like: Wow

I've been reading the entire Internet trying to track down how people write compilers, more precisely, parsers and abstract transformers in C/C++.

One post claimed the roughly the following: Compiler construction is a well-defined and finished trivial field where grammar theory is fully developed and compiler writers know very well how to implement the various aspects of compilers.

Then I read various sources, even GCC and CLang. The parsing compiler theory, roughly described as: bottom-up parsing is the most general and serves all your needs, has been abandoned for hand-written PEG recursive descent parsers with infinite lookahead; moreover, all pretty LALR and other compiler generation tools have been abandoned and rot away. Nobody knows what the best manner of representing an AST in C++ is and people patch the weirdest solutions together to write recursive descent parsers. I haven't even started on semantic analysis.

If all problems are solved then all the code I just read doesn't show it.

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