Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Log 052015

So. The parser is finished but I found a bug in infix parsing. I'll need to rethink it once, I probably need some scheme where I mimic an attribute grammar solution by passing a 'bottom' precedence operator in to the infix parsing rule. Ah well. There's a lot of work, it would be better if I just leave it as it is. For version 0.2?

I patched some rendering routines together to support a crude view on the AST. Nothing too elaborate, but it works for now and I expect to be debugging a lot.

It roughly parses 1MB/s.

I would really enjoy some memory usage statistics. Naive compilers usually waste memory on the internal representation and this compiler is pretty naive, but C++. Ah well, nobody is interested in declarative languages anyway, I guess.

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