Monday, May 4, 2015

Term Rewriting using the Visitor pattern ist Verboten

I've been looking into what the correct manner of downcasting is in C++. Unfortunately, downcasting is only allowed on pointer or reference types and then in a manner I don't really like yet.

Still, I need it. Rewriting a term is best done functionally for various reasons. If you cannot imagine why, and I've seen a lot of people advising against it, and you propose a visitor pattern then you're an idiot.

Not convinced you're an idiot? Even Stroustrup agrees on that.

Which is the problem with the Internet these days. It used to be that I could google or post a question to a mailing list and get an informed answer within a few hours. These days, with widespread programming education, the Internet is full of idiots and bad advice.

So I am not sure what the proper manner of downcasting terms in C++ is. Another small puzzle.

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