Saturday, May 16, 2015

Log 051605

Working on the AST, parsing, and rendering code simultaneously. Verbose, but after I sank my teeth in it, not unpleasant. Dijkstra would hate the manner in which I write code. Ah well, he turned out to be somewhat of an idiot when it comes to software engineering anyway. So, whatever.

Later that day: *poof* After a flurry of activity I managed to get a rudimentary grammar recognizer ready. I immediately did some performance tests. On small files, fine; on a 500KLoc file, not so good. Somehow parsing took 11 seconds but rendering becomes slower as the file grows larger and I broke that off. I blame smart pointers for now.

Ah well. Guess if anyone will be using it it'll take a long while before people start writing 500KLoc files.

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