Friday, July 2, 2010

Log 070210

Writing the unit tests for the serialization code. Since this is code which has to be compiled by the ocaml interpreted Hi to C, stage 1, compiler, I am again looking at not-even-snail-speed compiles. Got rid of a few bugs... (Guess I should print again. For some reason, staring at a screen for too long makes one word-blind.)

Woke up. Serialization works, now for the reverse, and the serialization code for the AST. I serialize text representations of integers since these are the closest primitives I had in the language. At some point, I should just serialize/write the bit representation directly. But that's, again, for later.

My mind is getting better; there were some thoughts again when I went to bed. One performance thought, I followed my stack representation faithfully, which means that when I push the first thunk in a series, inheriting code follows that thunk, and expansion with extra arguments (through a C call and a copy of the original thunk) is done afterwards, if necessary. Where I guessed necessary wouldn't be quite often. It doesn't make sense; I should factor that out and just generate the right code for the first thunk at some point - I'll leave it for now.

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