Monday, July 5, 2010

Log 070510

As always, stuff is taking too much time. The compiler caught a number of changes I needed to make to stage2 for the new runtime while I was writing the code for the documentation generator. (I am lazy in that respect. Sometimes, I just let myself be driven by the compiler.) Made the changes, it is now prodding along in the linking stage for the last seven hours or so.

Build a small separate compiler for testing the documentation generator.

(Oops, I broke off the compiler by accident. It almost was at the code emitting phase so, I guess I am still cool. The long time above is due to that the bootstrap compiler is an AST based interpreter in Ocaml with small step semantics handling a lot of character data. That just isn't fast, and wastes a lot of memory.)

Corner case: Interface definitions which don't have instances are compiled incorrectly.

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