Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swig... or XML?

I read up on Swig since I am waiting for another great opportunity to fix a bug and want bindings to OpenGL, OpenAL, etc. Seems language extensions to Swig are written in C++. Not sure that is a show stopper. I don't need it that much, all libraries can be called directly through libffi. I just want something which translates a C header file to a Hi file, i.e., just some renaming of types to their basic types, enums to ints, and most other things to pointers would be ok. Not too sure how much of a moving target Swig is. I think it can also output an XML-ized version of a C/C++ header file, maybe it would be better to build a translator for that, and just leave Swig for what it is?

[ Consistently dropping more subjects from sentences. Wonder if that is how Chinese evolved? Maybe, it is just an older, more evolved, language? Or the opposite, and I am just dumbing down ;) ]

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