Friday, July 30, 2010

Log 073010

Well, you need a sense of humor writing a compiler, together with a lot of tenacity -man, five years- and a character which doesn't get upset by anything. Now the longs are handled correctly, but they result in pretty big negative numbers sometimes, and it fails on converting those to text. Dare I say: Aaaaaaaaargh?

It had an easy fix in one of the dynamic libraries, stage two now passes most of the trivial unit tests. It failed on the last one, the io tests. Weird, because it does io, probably an old binding? First, R&R, then I'll see again.

Of course, it does help when a file actually exists you're echoing characters from. It passed the simple runtime unit tests.

See what gives on linking with the system file. It passed one test, the compiler takes several minutes compiling 1.2KLoC. It's slow, though most of it is spend printing diagnostic output, a lot of diagnostic output. Guess I what I have now is more a proof of concept than anything else.

Guess I am set for a bootstrap.

Ah well. Build a bootstrap build chain for a Hi release without ocaml dependencies. It failed to build the third file in the util directory. Hmm, it's the only file which includes more than one other file? (Back to R&R with C&C,  for the moment. Debug later. It undumps both files which are imported, but doesn't import the second file... Clueless...)

Wrote a unit test, it passed it? Tracing on the original 'feature' almost filled my hard disk since it tracks and prints all combinator rewrites with tracing turned on. Piping all output to tail first, and wait a few hours till the process is done to see why it bogs. (Figured it out when I slept and the log confirms it, just closing a file which doesn't exist while going over all possible locations of object files. Couldn't build a quick fix in C since the system file binds to fclose directly. So, recompiling...)

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