Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stuff to Do

With a long wait, I am more blogging than anything else. Let's see:

  1. Bootstrap v0.1 (Not even wrong)
  2. Release?
  3. Overhaul:
    1. Support for longs, floats, doubles, etc.
    2. Check the utilities directory. Move from trivially size-balanced maps to red-black trees?
    3. Check the parser. Sometimes it reports the wrong location.
    4. Simplify the type-checker. Throw out generalization, toss in higher-ranked types.
    5. Clean the lambda module.
    6. Create an optimizer for combinators.
    7. Have a good look at intermediate assembly. More type-info, generate i386 code, track pointers vs integers?
    8. Clean the runtime C files. Add memoization for FFI.
    9. Build a comprehensive set of bindings to C.
    10. Work on the document generator.
  4. Release? (It may be right)

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