Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Crayons

Combinator representation of the last post. Green = exception handler. Red = file. Purple = arg#0 of the record, the position. Yellow = arg#1 of the record, the type name. Blue = arg#2 of the record, the type abstracted.

No bugs yet.


  1. What are you trying to do here exactly?

    You may want to write a parser that styles this for you automatically, by the way. Looks like from the brush strokes that this is done manually.

  2. I was tracing a bug which was, I thought, a variable passing bug. So, I dumped some of the intermediate representations to see if all variables are translated and passed in the right fashion. For that, I needed to trace whether all combinators got the right arguments, hence color coding.

    It turned out just to be another silly mistake.