Friday, August 6, 2010

Log 080610

I took a few days off after the bootstrap. Not sure where I am heading from here. Perfomance is an issue, so is full conformance to spec. It makes the most sense to just finish most of it (add support for literal longs, floats, doubles, solve a logical error in exception throwing) so I can get rid of printing most of the diagnostic information.

The logical error in exception throwing is simple. Throwing constants work, but for some reason calculations in the body of the thrown exception are not run fully to completion, meaning I probably garbled something there. (Ticked that off I think, looks like I forget to supply the exception handler inside throw statements.)

I tried to optimize ackermann by inlining some functions which doubled its speed. So, my assumption was right, most time is spend setting up thunks (of which it sets up too many at the moment) and making libffi calls (which aren't memoized a the moment).

Since the compiler spends most of it time printing stuff at the moment, where every char is a libffi call, guess it's correct exception support followed by memoization first.

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