Friday, August 13, 2010

Log 081310

Didn't do a lot except for tinkering with a mock-up for a new website. Which immediately gave a new problem: How and where to host? Static website, dynamic website, what software?

This is not something I want to spend a lot of time on. Looked at Google pages, maybe that's a good answer?

So, I tried it out. I, of course, couldn't get the intended design into one of Google's templates, but that might have been a good thing. So, working on the Google site for now.

Also, Google doesn't support uploading or using of javascript. So, I am writing a simple translator application in Hi to emit HTML snippets from the lexer. The compile, of course, failed somewhere.

Hmpf, I am going to rewrite each and every function till it's so painstakingly obvious and fast until I drop dead somewhere.

(It turns out I should keep better track of which compiler I am using. It parses, but doesn't support, series of statements like "E0;E1" yet, I use `unnamed' lets like "_=E0;E1" for that usually. I actually think I am going to get rid of series statements for the moment, it is convenient but clutters the bootstrap. Exception throwing works.)

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