Thursday, August 26, 2010

Log 082610

The heap profiler confirmed what I knew. Two basic things which slow down my compiler are: a) way too many chars, so I'll need a native text type, b) comparisons are just too slow, which may also be the result of having way too many chars.

There are some other optimizations, like dropping positional information in the linking phase and implementing a condensed and more intelligible representation for identifiers, which would help too.

First move forward, implement all those basic string primitives (length, pos_of, index, etc.) on strings.

(A cell on a 64 bit system is 64 bits. A char is placed in an array consisting of a length, cell-type, type and value. A cons is placed in an array of a length, cell-type, record-tag, type tag, header and tail. So, ten times eight, is eighty bytes per char. So, eighty times 15,550,128 gives 1,244,010,240 bytes. And most of that is probably the not-shared URI in positional information.)

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