Sunday, August 15, 2010

Log 081510

I decided that the biggest problem hindering further development at the moment is just a good chair.

Worked a bit on the Google site. Looked at name registrars. Since when do I need to become a valued reseller? I just want a simple redirect for a few bucks?

Just before I went with the wrong registrar, found out it can be done easy within Google apps. So, did that, registered "" (Would have preferred, or something shorter, but -ah well,- good enough.)

Tinkered around for a few hours to get the site to become publicly viewable, where's the "make this site public for all meta-button?", but that worked out. Filling the site with content.

End of day. Site is filled. Not entirely happy with it, could have been more formal at points and clearer at other points, but I guess it'll just do. Next task: clean-up the bootstrap compiler and build a release.

As far as Google Apps/Sites goes. There are a few quirks, and blogger seems to handle cosmetics better than Sites at the moment, but to get a website up and running in under a day, cool! Kudos to Google.

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