Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Log 081810

Ah well. I looked over all the stuff, and, there's only one option: Start where it all started and rewrite each module for performance/compliance. The good thing is that I still don't think there's anything really broken about the compiler, it still just boils down to rewriting it with the right data-structures and implementing the right optimizations.

Did some light refactoring. For historical reasons, a file used to be referred to by its name, now since I bind to C, they're just file pointers, so made every reference to a file a file pointer.

I am wondering whether I need interface files which export definitions. It's just that, I notice it ain't nice to reimplement code and think over the made abstractions again. I wanted a light language, and thought, a la Java, that interface files are a thing of the past. Not sure, anymore.

Implemented long, float, double, hexadecimal support in the lexer.

I don't give myself enough kudos, I compiled most with the typechecker turned on, and it caught most trivial bugs.

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